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What It Really Means To "Share"

What is the most overused word in your vocabulary? Having two kids, I know mine - and no, it's not a four letter word! I must tell my children to "share" about fifty times a day. It's their least favorite word. My 4 year old usually says, "No, I don't want to share." I get it! It's really hard to teach children to share, but I feel like I am obsessed with it. You never want to be that parent that goes in for your preschool conference and the teacher tells you that your "pride and joy" has a hard time sharing! Do you pretend to act shocked or do you give her the 411 that your child is on a sharing strike?

I think my children have worn me down and I am going to stop insisting they share and rather teach them to "take turns" - that can be my next overused phrase! After all, ya both can't use the red marker at the same time, but you can use it and then give it to your friend or sibling.

My children might have trouble sharing in the playroom, but I am more concerned about them sharing with others in life. It's really important that my youngsters are aware of how fortunate they are and that giving back to others is sharing. I hope to teach my children to value the things they have and try in some ways to share with others who could use some help.

I also think it's important for parents to begin having conversations with their children at a young age and teaching ways to give back. It can be simple - donating a can of food a week to a food pantry, or donating a winter coat to a coat drive. Learning the real meaning and value of sharing will hopefully create a generation of children who know that sharing goes far deeper than the playroom.

Rebecca Schleifer August 28, 2012

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