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Is Staying In Your Comfort Zone Keeping You From Doing Something Great?

Share Your Wish has officially launched and now we realize an incredible challenge that we are facing.  Parents love the idea of our site, but do they love it enough to actually use it when planning their own child’s birthday party?  I have had some brave friends share some of their concerns with me.  As I sat in my family room last evening with one of my best friends, we explored some of the possible reasons parents may not be on board just yet.  And what we realized is it seems we are just so used to what we know, that change can be extremely difficult to handle, even when it’s an incredibly positive and in many ways necessary change. 

But let’s explore our own experiences as young children and the parties we had. What do you remember most about them?  I remember things like the outfits I wore, the types of parties I had, some of the friends that attended, and some of the gifts I received from my family, but I truly have no clue what guests who attended my party gave me.  I just know there were a lot of them, and I remember my mom stressing about where to put it all.  A problem I now face as a mom of two young children! 

I think we want so much for our children to have everything.  I truly understand that.  I have two children that I would give the world to, but if we give them everything, then what do they have to look forward to?  How will they learn to value what they do have? 

My daughter is about to celebrate her 5th birthday.  She is completely aware that she is receiving one special gift from all her friends coming to her party.  And she is completely excited about what it is!  We also spent time talking about the charities we selected and how her party is going to be able to provide these charities with things they really need.  We have told her how proud we are of her for being a “sharing star.” 

Will my daughter be getting thirty presents at her party this year?  Not even close, but she is going to be getting something more special - at five years old she is already learning the gift of giving back to others and to value the things she has.  I don’t think there is any better present than that. 

I want to just give a very special birthday shout out to my almost five year old.  She is one of the reasons we were inspired to start this business.  So thank you to my little firecracker for inspiring me to do something scary and brand new! 

I hope you are inspired to go a bit outside your comfort zone and try Share Your Wish for your child’s next birthday!


Rebecca Schleifer January 11, 2013

Tags: change  sharing star  presents  challenges 

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