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The Most Important Men in Our Lives

I hope this Father's Day we can all celebrate some of the amazing men in our lives! I dedicate this blog to my husband Buck, who is truly an exceptional husband and father.

Every day when Buck walks in the door after work he is greeted by screams similar to how Tweens watching a Justin Beiber concert would react.

Before my children were born, I think my husband read every book out there geared towards fathers. The truth is, he was a complete natural and could probably write a book of his own! Being there for your children, showing love and respect cannot be learned in a book.

Fathers are so important in our lives. They help shape the person we'll become and they make us feel safe and protected. They also tend to be far less bossy than mommy! Well, at least in my house!

My husband and I are trying to create a business and lifestyle that we hope helps to "Teach, Share, and Inspire" our own children. I interviewed two very important munchkins about what's special about their daddy. Here is what Ayla and Ellis had to say about my husband and the most important man in their lives!

What do you love about daddy?
"Going out with him without Ellis - go for pizza and ice cream."

Describe daddy:
"I like him. He's handsome. He's funny!"

What does daddy like to do?
"Paint with us and go to his office."

How much do you love Daddy?
"So much in the whole wide world."

I don't think I could have said it any better myself. I wish all of you dads a very Happy Father's Day! Take time to reflect on how you "Teach, Share, and Inspire" your children.

Rebecca Schleifer June 14, 2012


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