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Book Fairies - creating a fairy tale story by providing books to communities in need


Share Your Wish is fortunate to have incredible charities listed on our website.  What's even more special is when we can meet the people who started some of these amazing organizations and learn more about their passion.

We had the opportunity to meet Amy, the founder of Book Fairies.  Amy is making certain that children in low income school districtshave access to quality books so that they can develop a love of reading.  Most children she meets have fewer than 10 books in their homes.  Could you imagine your child walking into their classroom with barely any books in it?  How are children supposed to learn to read if they don't have quality books?

During my visit, Book Fairies opened their doors to teachers in high need school districts.  She gave them a chance to "shop" for the books they need to start classroom and home libraries in order to engage their students with high-interest, age-appropriate books.  In just 3 hours, more than 12,000 books were taken!  This brings the total of books they have donated to underprivileged schools and nonprofits to over 900,000.  Think of all the children this has helped.

Thank you again to Amy and everyone at Book Fairies for the amazing things you do for children!  Please visit their site and learn more about how you can get involved.  You can also support them by selecting them as your charity to support via Share Your Wish.

Rebecca Schleifer November 20, 2017


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