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Mother's Day - a great reason to get me out of blog retirement!

So Mother's Day is fast approaching, and I haven't written a blog in what feels like 100 yrs.  Why?  Because I am too busy being a mom!  And literally, as I type, my 10 month old is laying on me half asleep and pissed as hell because I am nebulizing him.  Multitasking at its best!       

I am about to celebrate my sixth Mother's Day, and as I reflect on being a mommy these words come to mind: love, worry, patience, fear, commitment, adventure, laughter, tears, vomit, mud, hugs, kisses, and dedication!  I think that since becoming a mom I have learned a ton about myself.  I also have a total respect and admiration for my own mom - who is an incredible mother - and I totally didn't give her the respect she deserved growing up.  Because, holy sh*t, being a mom is the freakin’ hardest job ever - my bosses make me work 24/7, and I have three of them! 

I am in constant worry mode – “Did I say the right thing?  Do my kids feel loved?  Why did I just yell at them (umm, yes, I am not perfect, sometimes I raise my voice)?  Do they know I would do anything for them???”  Aside from just making sure I don't completely screw them up, I get overwhelmed by the laundry, the fact that I am a really crappy cook, and when dinner rolls around I always have a screaming baby who isn't quite ready for bed, but is just so over the day!  And I sooo get that, by 5ish I am so ready to cry too.

However, aside from the worry and those moments where I doubt myself, I also am proud of myself!  I have stayed calm in some really scary situations; I let my kids be who they are; I am learning to not be so controlling (ok, my husband may disagree, but whatever!); and most importantly, I teach my children the importance of love, family, and friendship.

So this Mother's Day take time to applaud yourselves for a job well done, and just for one day try to let the guilt of what you think you are doing wrong go - you can worry the other 364 days :)

Rebecca Schleifer May 09, 2014

Tags: challenges  teachable moment 

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