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Booked Parties does all the planning for your child's birthday, so you don't have to!

"After moving to Westchester in 2012 with two young children, I found myself quickly immersed into the birthday party circuit.  As a newcomer to the area, I relied on referrals from friends or spent my time browsing through social media boards for recommendations when it came to planning my own children’s birthday parties.


I realized that there had to be an easier way, so after a considerable amount of research, I created Booked Parties - a booking platform for children’s birthday parties catering specifically to children up to the age of 16.


Booked Parties launched August 2015 with the goal of streamlining the birthday party planning process.  Instead of having to visit various different websites and forums to get details and feedback, the site provides all information in one place. Not only does this save time for busy parents, it gives them new ideas and exposes them to venues and vendors they wouldn’t have otherwise known about in their towns and in the surrounding areas.


Our tag line says it all: Compare, Book, Celebrate— parents can sort through the website’s comprehensive list of venues and vendors in Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT and book their party or event with a few clicks of a button. Booked Parties allows parents to search by location, budget, venue, vendor, and by ratings and customer reviews. Users of the site can reach out to the events planner at the venue or to the vendor directly through each businesses e-brochure within the site.  Best of all, Booked Parties partners provide a 5% discount to anyone booking their event through the site. And that’s not all! Our blog also provides information on birthday party trends, gift guides, and through featured interviews with local business owners!


As we continue to develop the brand, a key focus for Booked Parties is celebrating LOCAL. Summer 2016 marks the launch of Booked Market Place where a variety of local merchants have storefronts on the site to sell birthday gifts and party related items.  Parents and kids will have the ability to create wish lists that can be fulfilled right there on the site!  Booked Parties also supports various local non-profits, including The Birthday Box and Birthday Wishes, as well as Share Your Wish which makes it easy for children to share their birthday gifts with any non-profit of their choice. 


In 2016/2017 we also plan to expand Booked Parties into new markets within the tri-state area."


For more information on Booked Parties and our partners, please visit our website at

Guest Blogger: Claire Gilvar - Founder, Booked Parties May 31, 2016


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