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Another Birthday Success Story

I am sure we all love celebrating our children’s birthdays!  I know as we neared my daughter’s fifth birthday this year I was truly an emotional wreck.  It could’ve been my hormones, being that I am expecting our third child this summer, but I think it was more than just that.  My first baby is no longer a baby!!  When did this happen??

I go into slight panic mode when planning parties.  I usually worry about whether I will have enough food; will the actual party be fun; and my biggest conundrum, where am I going to put all the presents?!  Well this year, my biggest obstacle was tackled, thanks to our site!  I knew this year my daughter was going to get a few very special gifts, instead of a bunch of insignificant ones.  All she has been talking about is wanting an Easy Bake Oven.  I’m glad someone in the family wants to bake! 

I created the event page and chose two charities that we feel do amazing things for children - Baby Buggy and Beverly’s Birthdays.  These are two incredible organizations that truly help to support young children in need.  Our guests received their invites, were able to RSVP right from the site, and if they chose to contribute to the gift/charity funds, they were simply a click away. 

When the day of the party arrived, our sixteen guests were very excited to begin cooking with a wonderful company called Kids R Cookin’.  Each child received a chef’s hat and apron to decorate.  Then they made pizza bubbles and decorated their own cupcakes!  What could be better?

As guests started to leave the party, my daughter of course asked if she could open her presents.  Some stayed to watch as she opened her Easy Bake Oven, additional mixes, and utensils.  My daughter’s eyes almost popped out of her head, she was so excited! 

Never once did anyone ask if there were other gifts - most notably, my daughter.  We sometimes think that more is better, but I truly believe less is more.  My daughter received a gift that she really wanted and that made her happy.  We also began talking about charities and doing kind things for others.  Her birthday was not only a wonderful celebration, but a lesson in helping others.  Now that’s a great birthday!

Rebecca Schleifer February 07, 2013

Tags: presents  teaching charity  birthdays  teachable moment 

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