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Share Your Wish is helping to End Allergies Together

   End Allergies Together was founded by 2 mothers of children with multiple life-threatening food allergies. Facing the striking realization that very little public or private funds were being invested to solve this epidemic, they created EAT to address the gap.

   1 in 12 is diagnosed with food allergies and in the past 25 years this major heath issue has skyrocketed, effecting 220 million people globally. At EAT, we raise money to invest in leading research around the world to accelerate treatments and cures.  

   Every member of EAT is personally effected by life-threatening food allergies. We are passionate in our resolve and have underwritten administrative costs so over 90% of each dollar donated has gone to the most promising research.

   One of the most stressful times for a child with food allergies is a birthday celebration. It’s often hard for them to eat freely and enjoy those events as young children should be able to do. We love the empowerment Share Your Wish gives them to turn that experience into a positive one!

End Allergies Together December 13, 2017


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