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Birthday Fairies: A Wonderful Charity Providing Birthday Parties For Underpriveleged Children

I’m sitting on my knees by the door of an elementary school classroom. I am talking to the birthday boy.  He is thanking me for his gift.  He has the biggest smile on his face. I make a note in my mind that this is why I do this --  for this kind of smile.  I ask the kid how his mom is.  He tells me she’s good and then he leans in and asks me for what must have been the 100th time when Magic Adam (a magician who came and performed for the kids) was coming back. I think back to my 8th birthday. I can still picture the princess dresses and the pink frosting because my mom is the kind of mom that loved to throw big birthday parties and we were the kind of of family that could afford to do it. But many families are not that lucky.

Imagine being an eight year old kid who has never known the feeling of making a wish and blowing out the candles. Who’s never heard friends and family singing Happy Birthday. Who’s never even allowed herself to think there’s a chance a birthday wish could possibly come true.  Imagine never knowing that feeling that on this one day, this one special day, you can act however you want and get away with it. Because this day is your birthday

Birthday Fairies does one thing: We throw birthday parties.  Our mission is to throw as many birthdays for as many kids as possible.  Every child should know what it’s like to be celebrated, to have their family and friends tell them how much they love them and how great they are.  Every child should know that in this crazy life you get one time a year to have the upper hand.  Cupcakes, a birthday present and a few party games might not seem like a big deal and it’s true, we don’t cure hunger or homelessness. Birthday Fairies put smiles on children’s faces-we let them know that they are special-that they are cherished.  These small acts of kindness give a child hope.  A cupcake can't change someone's life but people who care can. Please help us spread some hope.

Guest blogger: Anna Koppelman, 13-year old founder of Birthday Fairies May 13, 2013

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