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This is a central place to share experiences, tips, tools and techniques that help children learn about Charity.

You'll also find ideas, inspiration and advice on how to get the most from your ShareYourWish event.

And finally, we occasionally share our own blog posts to keep you informed about our progress and the change we're having on kids and the world we share.

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Share Your Wish Has Finally Arrived!!

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but the day has finally come.  Today marks the official launch of Share Your Wish to the public, and we are so happy to have you all present while we cut the red ribbon.

I find it very interesting how we created this business with our children as o ...more

Sandy Provides a Teachable Moment

As I sat on a line waiting to fill my car up with gas, I could not help but think of all those completely devastated by Hurricane Sandy. My heart aches for those who lost their lives and homes. I watch the destruction on television and feel sick.

I am truly fortunate - my family is safe a ...more

What It Really Means To "Share"

What is the most overused word in your vocabulary? Having two kids, I know mine - and no, it's not a four letter word! I must tell my children to "share" about fifty times a day. It's their least favorite word. My 4 year old usually says, "No, I don't want to share." I get it! It's really hard to ...more

The End to Bullying Starts at Home

It seems like every time I turn on the news I see another story about children bullying others or getting bullied themselves. I am sure most of us have heard about Karen Klein, the bus monitor who was bullied by a group of kids. I even caught a glimpse of Matt Lauer interviewing her and remember ...more

The Most Important Men in Our Lives

I hope this Father's Day we can all celebrate some of the amazing men in our lives! I dedicate this blog to my husband Buck, who is truly an exceptional husband and father.

Every day when Buck walks in the door after work he is greeted by screams similar to how Tweens watching a Justin Be ...more